'Truly Revolutionary'



Damaris Evans is the creative force that revolutionised the lingerie landscape and took us outside the long accepted norm.

In 2021 Damaris collaborated with the British iconic brand Marks and Spencer on a collection named BOUTIQUE X DAMARIS.  It was a success,  and was released to critical acclaim and flying sales.
‘THE PRETTIEST EVER BY M&S’, from YOU magazine, ‘HIGH FASHION FOR M&S BY DAMARIS’, Red Magazine, ‘LINGERIE QUEEN’, Glamour, and this is not the first time Damaris has held that title. When she launched in 2001, Damaris was honoured that title by Isabella Blow at TATLER. 
Steve Row, M&S’s CEO noted in ‘The Times’ Aug 21, that ‘Damaris plays a part in M&S’s strengths’, ultimately adding value to M&S.
All these results are an exceptional feat for Damaris Evans, who prior to this was the CEO and creative director and sole designer of both her brands DAMARIS and MIMI HOLLIDAY. At height her bi- annual 300 piece collections, excluding exclusives, were sold to over 350 of the worlds leading independent and department stores in over 27 countries for 19 years.
 (Note; since 2019, Damaris is no longer involved in MIMI HOLLIDAY).

Before Damaris lingerie, there was no such thing as a bow-back knicker, the world had never heard of bottom cleavage, corset tie designs did not exist and ‘star’ knickers were unimaginable.

When Damaris burst onto the scene, press exploded with praise.

“Damaris designs the cheekiest knickers in the world, the underwear industry has been rocked by them; they’re so original and popular” – Evening Standard.

Damaris paved the way for truly avent-garde luxury lingerie. TheTimes said; “Damaris has broken the mould in lingerie – no one sold knickers over £100.00 before her.” For the first time in their 108-year history, retail giant Selfridges found themselves with a waiting list for underwear. Tales of women fighting at the tills over Damaris were reported in Elle Magazine. Vogue reported, “The fashion pack and celebrities are going mad for Damaris’ latest collections.” Before Damaris, a bra was a bra, and a knicker was simply a knicker.

Eighteen years on, the lingerie world regards these shapes as standard product, with lesser versions of Damaris’ innovative designs having infiltrated every corner of the market.

In 2003, huge demand carved the way for Mimi Holliday, created as a diffusion line to the luxury price point of Damaris. With the same avent – garde, creative, brand ethos, and maintaining the exceptional fit of Damaris, Mimi Holliday was born capable of vast acceleration. 2014 finds the brand with continuous astronomical growth year on year and a global stronghold, with over 350 stockists internationally. Offered in sixty-nine sizes, the Mimi Holliday label was sold to an extraordinarily wide, loyal demographic.

The brand’s own e-commerce platform became the focus of the brands business in 2017 and the final trading year saw sales double in growth.  Mimi Holliday diversified into maternity, sleepwear, loungewear and shape wear, a full beachwear collection, including swimwear, hats, bags, shoes, tunics. Mens underwear and swim shorts and boys underwear launched under the brand Max Holliday with a launch in Selfridges.

Damaris solely designed and managed production of up to 6 collections per year covering all brands and ranges with up to 800 styles per year. In addition to these, further designs were created and developed for leading global partners, such as Net A Porter and the Pop Up Collections of between 20-180 styles per project.

Damaris, originally a women’s wear designer, has an exceptional understanding of pattern cutting and the manufacturing process which enables her to work with factories, to create a mutually beneficial, productive, enjoyable and successful partnership.

From no more than a £5,000.00 grant from the Prince’s Trust in 2001, with absolutely no investment, Damaris grew her brands into an international creative powerhouse with an annual retail value in excess of £9 million. Unusually in the world of luxury fashion, Damaris’ companies operated in profit for over 75% of the twenty years of trading.

Underneath the Damaris creative umbrella, stood four successful brands: Damaris, Mimi Holliday, Max Holliday and Kitty Coquette.

Damaris is unarguably one of the most innovative lingerie and beachwear designers to come out of this century.