An interview with artist Daisy de Villeneuve

 An eccentric bohemian with a drive, rather a dynamic combination! – by Damaris Evans Founder of Mimi Holliday.

Daisy and I first met when we were both living in London’s Notting Hill. I was brought up in London and Daisy had moved in with some friends into a ‘party flat’ on the Portobello Road. Daisy had just graduated from Parsons in New York, studying fine art and I was studying at Central St Martins.

I can’t remember exactly first meeting her but I do remember we got on immediately. Retrospectively, I think it was because she is incredibly down-to-earth, artistic and free spirited and was interesting! She stood out for me and I was drawn to her. An eccentric bohemian with a drive, rather a dynamic combination!

I loved, enjoyed and respected her work greatly. It was interesting, quirky, eccentric with wit and humour.

We both were incredibly passionate about our work and both yearning for recognition and not sure of the journey ahead. But, we were excited and we both really respected each other’s work. It was nice because there wasn’t a competitive streak, it was purely excitement for each other’s achievements and the hope we had for each other’s success ahead.

Daisys big break was her first book, ‘He Said, She Said’ with high profile collaborations following immediately. My favourite was a project she created with Top Shop, headed by Jane Shepparton, who was passionate about discovering and mentoring for new talent.

Excitingly, at the same time I was being sponsored by Topshop ‘New Generation’ at London fashion week, which really gave me a good kickstart into the world of fashion. Daisy’s Top shop collection was fantastic and I still have some of the items today; lilos, mugs, pens, towels and the shoeboxes for their shoe collections … all adorned with Daisy’s artwork and her quirky satirical ‘He Said She Said quotes’.

Since then Daisy’s career has been incredibly exciting. Throughout the last 15 years we have been meaning to do a collaboration together, and now its done! A month ago, I asked Daisy if she was able to give me ‘a day’ out of her crazy schedule and spend the day with me painting a collection of fun illustrations on canvases for our debut store in London’s beautiful Primrose Hill. It would illustrate a collaboration between myself and a fantastic new up-and-coming swimwear brand called, 5PM.

Daisy said yes straight away! and we spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon drawing and talking.

I hope this blog gives you a little bit of an insight into how Daisy works, relaxes and talks, It was interesting for me to watch Daisy work through the whole day and create such fun and brilliant pictures. We got an amazing five! pieces done in the day.


What’s are your guilty pleasures?
Red Wine
Who are your favourite designer? 
Zac Posen.
What is your favourite Mimi piece from Spring/Summer 18? 
The Paris Lounge Set 
Who should we be watching out for? 
Can I come back to that? 
What did you want to be as a child? 
Still trying to figure that out!
Knicker or thong…or none!? 
Hair or makeup? 
Who would like to spend an hour with? 
Frida Kahlo 
Where is your favourite place? 
I love Mexico City  
What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? 
Don’t date a married man
One book you must read before you die? 
More, Now, Again by Elizabeth Wortzel 
What do you sleep in? 
Nighty or Pyjamas 
Who is your current inspiration? 
Zandra Rhodes 
Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle? 
Megan…she looks fun. 
Do you have any secret skills? 
I can make a Christmas Wreath.
What comes to mind when you think of Mimi Holliday?
Damaris the person..and the bow knicker as that’s what she’s famous for.
The name Mimi Holliday is Damaris’ p*rn star name. It’s your first pets name with your mother’s maiden name, whats yours? 
Sunny Griswold


If you would like to come and and join us at our event, we will be having a private viewing in our Primrose Hill Store and will be inviting two lucky people to come to the event, hosted in late June and enjoy our exclusively designed beach cocktails as well as an exclusive goody bag with some great treats.

 All of you who post on the blog will be entered into a draw to be invited to the event.

 Happy Summer!, …love Daisy and Damaris x